Original Spud Cup Participants, 1998

(Photo: Keith Sheckler) (Click for full-res original)

Keith says:

(Left to Right)
Barb Walker, Steve Wright, Helen Gloor, Fred Gloor, Kim Woodruff, Terry Jensen, Steve Dechart, Sarah Seaborg, Ron Berg, Thor Seaborg, Brian Rogge, Marc DeLaVergne, Dan Sheckler, Dave Reseska
Joe Poire, Scott Richardson, Nicky Pleass, "Electric" Steve VanRonk, Peter Mico
Jeff Smith, Larry Falk, Bob Frets, Tim Sheckler, Rick unknown, "Dog"

"Electric" Steve had some sort of electric car business, hence the nickname. The "unknown", I'm working on.

Point of interest, Ron Berg was a graphic artist and did some of the old Spud Cup t-shirt designs and Windbag t-shirts. He also donated the potato bowl, which he found at a garage sale, and hatched the idea for making a trophy out of it. This Photo was taken about 5 seconds before The Spud Cup was broken from everyone standing at once, tipping the table! Scott Richardson glued it back together.