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Fred's Deck

by George Kiselica

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It came about when Keith Sheckler had the WindBag Marina going and the SSA was hanging out drinking beer and telling lies the whole time Keith was trying to run a business. In the course of an afternoon someone said that a deck would be great to have. A place we could call our own and Keith could still run his business without too much distraction. In the conversation, logistics and location were discussed. Fred Gloor said he could get the concrete in, he just needed a couple of weeks.

Well the following weekend the concrete was poured. Within the next couple of weekends the post and beams were up waiting for the decking. Fred also demo'd out the deck of Krister Allen's home deck and was able to save the benches that we currently sit on. I just don't know if Krister knew what was going on.

So several of our finest sailor/carpenters met at Fred's Deck to have a decking party. In one weekend the decking was put on. The following weekend the benches were installed. Well with such accomplishment we slapped ourselves on the back till they were sore and had a party. Marc DeLaVergne announced that this deck will be known as "FRED'S DECK" from now on. With a loud roar of excitement we all cheered and toasted Fred. What an honor for a wonderful man who is a gentle giant. He has a heart of gold and always greeting you with a smile.

Well a week or two later a large piece of driftwood with "FRED'S DECK" carved into it was hung on one of the pilings.

What a wonderful place to gather, just to hang out. Start and end our races. Enjoy a BBQ and drink beer. Or sit waiting for the wind to pick up. It has not been often that we are waiting there for the opposite. Fred's deck is where the SSA launches all of it's wonderful activities.

Well the following year after the sign was hung up a terrible storm took the piling out that held the sign. We all looked for the sign but it was nowhere to be found. But life went on and there was discussions and promises of getting a new sign. It never happened, we all were busy with sailing, working and life. Time passed and the following summer I was working on a small boat house out on Ponder Point. I arrived in the morning and went down to the customer's dock to plug in my extension cord to get the day going. Well out of the corner of my eye I saw the sign "FRED'S DECK" leaning up in the sun next to the boat. Just then my customer Nancy came down with her morning coffee. I asked her right off the top where did she get that sign? She said that the night before it had drifted on to her beach. She put it up on the dock to dry out. I was so excited that I hugged her. I then told her the story of Fred's Deck. It was hanging back up where it belongs that night!