Sailing Improvement Workshops


A series of Saturday Sailing Workshops are being planned for the Spring at Sandpoint Community Hall.
These workshops are being offered through Sandpoint Parks and Recreation and the Sandpoint Sailing Association.
There is no cost to attend.
The "New Sailor" workshop is for sailors (and crew) of all skill levels (basic information about sailing, sail boats, cruising Lake Pend Oreille, and racing). The other workshops are for intermediate level sailors (those who already know how to sail, who have some experience racing, and are interested in learning how to be more competitive in the Summer Racing Series or just be a better sailor.)
Contact our Commodore or Education Director for more info.

Workshop Date Time
New Sailor
The New Sailor workshop is an introductory class that will help new sailors and those interested in sailing become familiar with sailboats and learn how to get out on the water. We will cover basic terminology, knot tying, basic sailboat design and beginning sailing techniques.
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Sail Trim
The Sail Trim workshop will cover a wide range of information. Learn the general concepts of how sails work, what shapes are most efficient for different conditions and how specific sail controls modify sail shape to achieve the desired results. We will take a one hour break for lunch.
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Sailboat Maintenance (Dates/Availability TBD)
The Sailboat Maintenance workshop will show you how to keep your boat performing and looking it's best.
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Sailboat Cruising
The Sailboat Cruising workshop will look at sailing destinations on Lake Pend Oreille, how to prepare your gear and your boat, and give lots of practical advice on having the most fun while sailing.
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Race Committee and Admin (Dates/Availability TBD)
This Hands-On Race Committee workshop will teach you how to run a race where everyone, including yourself, has lots of fun.
We'll meet at the new deck at the Windbag Marina and start with discussion, inflating Marks, course setting and dismantling. We'll break for lunch and at 1:00 set a short two lap course and have a timed race.
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