Hang in there, sailors!
Soon we'll be out on our amazing lake.
Possibly the safest and most beautiful place on Earth!
Photo: Mike Jewell

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Who´s Running This Outfit?

All of (well, most of...) the past Club Officers are now documented for ever for the world to see.
(You knew the job was dangerous when you took it!)
And what´s even better is that we have PICTURES of all the past Commodores!
Check it out. It´s quite fun.

Change is good...

Chris Chambers, Jack Howard and others have been working on a major revamp of our club website.
Chris has done a huge amount of pioneering work on this and has a working prototype which, over the next months, we hope to gradually transition to.
It will use a new "domain name" of SANDPOINTSAILING.ORG (Note the new "Top Level Domain": .org )
For now, the new site will be the place to go for info on the July Thistle Regatta, the U20 Nationals (at Spud Cup), the Spud Cup Regatta and our Summer Activities Calendar.
Please check it out (click the above link) and don't hesitate to pass on any suggestions, etc to Chris.

For Your Eyes Only

Our "Member Directory" (Click "Our Club" above) is password protected.
The SSA Board has authorized this to help protect the privacy of our members.
If you are a paid-up member and didn't get the recent e-mail with the new password, please contact any board member for that info.
If you are not a member, this is just one of MANY benefits of being in our great club!
Join now!
(The board members contact info is still public and available under the same "Our Club" link above.)


The SSA has a Facebook presence (Page).
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