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Sailing class, 2018
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Who´s Running This Outfit?

All of (well, most of...) the past Club Officers are now documented for ever for the world to see.
(You knew the job was dangerous when you took it!)
And what´s even better is that we have PICTURES of all the past Commodores!
Check it out. It´s quite fun.

Who ARE those guys?

There is an exciting feature on our website. The Member Directory now has the capability of showing PICTURES of us and our boats!
Send me a picture of yourself and/or your boat and it will be just a click away for the rest of the club to enjoy and get to know you better.

This is Exciting!!! (New)

Mark your calendars for July 21-26, 2019 for the 74th Thistle National Regatta!
The organizers (Wayne Pignolet and Chris Chambers) are expecting 50-70 boats to show up and race!
Lots of work to do and details to figure out but this will be one exciting event here in Sandpoint!
Contact Wayne or Chris if you would like to help. (They can use lots.)

From The Commodore

Please read (with pride) a couple of recent magazine/newspaper articles about our Club including one from our Commodore, Bruce Robertson, regarding our club's great summer of 2018.
These articles, along with several others and lots of fun historical info about our club can be found in our Scrap-Book (Archives).
Check it out!

Drink your milk!

Our August "Festival Cup" was a great success with Chris Chambers (Black Sheep) winning the first week's race and Ray Henriksen (Red Hot Rookie) winning the second week's race.
But the most coveted and closely watched race was, of course, the famous Milk Carton Race in which Khale Coats, Olivia and Cora took first, second and third places respectively in a hotly contested field of about a dozen one-design race boats designed and built right here in Sandpoint by Chris Chambers Naval Architects.
Thanks to all who participated!

Race Book

Chris Ankney has produced a GREAT summary of all things RACING for 2018 and beyond.
Click here to get the big picture of Sailboat Racing at the north end of our lake.
Thanks, Chris!

For Your Eyes Only

Our "Member Directory" (Click "Our Club" above) is password protected.
The SSA Board has authorized this to help protect the privacy of our members.
If you are a paid-up member and didn't get the recent e-mail with the new password, please contact any board member for that info.
If you are not a member, this is just one of MANY benefits of being in our great club!
Join now!
(The board members contact info is still public and available under the same "Our Club" link above.)

From the Webmaster

I (Mike Jewell) am the current Webmaster. One of the things I'm doing with the Homepage is updating the picture at left every week (usually on Mondays). I have lots of great shots to put in here but I'd love to put in some pics from all of you. So, "Hit me with your best shot!"


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