Bruce on MCRS Chase-Boat duty
Photo: Mike Jewell

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Results Matter!

The results of the Long Distance Buoy Race, Helen Gloor Moonlight Race, White Rock Race, J/24 D-19 Regatta, Single-Hand Race, J/24 Summer Series, Wind Sprints, Spud Cup and Jack and Jill Race are now posted on this site.
Click the 2014 link to the left to "Read 'em and weep!"     8^)

Who´s Running This Outfit?

All of (well, most of...) the past Club Officers are now documented for ever for the world to see.
(You knew the job was dangerous when you took it!)
And what´s even better is that we have PICTURES of all the past Commodores!
Check it out. It´s quite fun.

Who ARE those guys?

There is an exciting feature on our website. The Member Directory now has the capability of showing PICTURES of us and our boats!
Send me a picture of yourself and/or your boat and it will be just a click away for the rest of the club to enjoy and get to know you better.

It's a wrap! (New)

Here's a wrap-up of the 2014 awards. Congrats to everyone!
Long Distance Buoy Race
1st Saphira, 2nd Snoggin’, 3rd Super-G
Helen Gloor Moonlight Race
1st Grey Fox, 2nd Red Hot Rookie, 3rd Jacob (no name)
Non Spinnaker:
1st Linnet, 2nd Mangy Mermaid, 3rd Pend Oeille Pirate
White Rock Race
1st Phantom, 2nd Papillion, 3rd Magic
Non Spinnaker:
1st Linnet, 2nd Mangy Mermaid, 3rd Jacob (No Name)
Single Hand Race
1st Saphira, 2nd Zig Zag
Non Spinnaker:
1st Eclipse, 2nd Magic, 3rd Carlos
Wind Sprints
1st Phantom, 2nd Stinger, Jacob’s (No Name)
Jack and Jill Race
1st Grey Fox, 2nd Snoggin’, 3rd Magic

Work, Work, Work (New)

The 2015 Saturday Workshop schedule is now posted on this site.
Don't miss out on these fantastic, free learning experiences.

New Board of Directors

On Saturday (Sept 20) we held our annual meeting and elected a new board of directors.
The new list of directors is now posted on this site.
We also had a GREAT last fun race, BBQ and Milk Carton Race. Pictures!

This Spud was NOT a dud!

The 2014 Spud Cup was another big success thanks to the hard working volunteers from our great club and the great sailors that it's all about!
Congratulations to Tim and Kim Redfern and their JS-9000 (Legal Alien) crew for winning the Spud Cup!
Special thanks go to our Vice Commodore; Jack Howard and great committee boat crew; Troy Carlson, Ivan Rimar and Brent and Debbie Heiser.
And, of course, our generous sponsors who always seem to step up to help pay the bills!
(Click here for the list.)
Photos here.
And here.
(And on our Facebook page.)

For Your Eyes Only

Our "Member Directory" (Click "Our Club" above) is password protected.
The SSA Board has authorized this to help protect the privacy of our members.
If you are a paid-up member and didn't get the recent e-mail with the new password, please contact any board member for that info.
If you are not a member, this is just one of MANY benefits of being in our great club! Join now!
(The board members contact info is still public and available under the same "Our Club" link above.)

From the Webmaster

I (Mike Jewell) am the current Webmaster. One of the things I'm doing with the Homepage is updating the picture at left every week (usually on Mondays). I have lots of great shots to put in here but I'd love to put in some pics from all of you. So, "Hit me with your best shot!"


The SSA has a great Facebook presence (Page) which is constantly being added to, commented on, "pictured", etc.
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